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The South Carolina Department of Mental Health

The South Carolina Department of Mental Health is one of the oldest state run mental health organizations in the United States.  In December of 1821, South Carolina became the second state in the nation (after Virginia) to provide funds for the care and treatment of people with mental illnesses when legislation approved funding to build a state run treatment facility.  To this day, the South Carolina Department of Mental Health’s mission remains the same – To support the recovery of people with mental illnesses.Babock Building

South Carolina has achieved an impressive record in its efforts to meet the needs of its mentally ill citizens since it’s inception, from the establishment of the South Carolina State Hospital over 175 years ago, to the beginning of community mental health services in the 1920’s, to the present day evolution of a complex mental health care delivery system.

Today, SCDMH operates a network of seventeen (17) community mental health centers and forty-six (46) clinics to serve every county in the state. The centers and clinics have served over two-million-seven-hundred-thousand (2,700,000) patients, providing over thirty-seven-million (37,000,000) clinical contacts.

The South Carolina Department of Mental Health dedicates itself to providing high quality care and resources for those who suffer from mental illness.  The scope of services across the state is impressive, to say the least, as the department works to build public awareness, improve access to services, and continually evolves to offer an array of mental health services that is the very best in the country.

Click HERE (www.state.sc.us/dmh/) to learn more at the South Carolina Department of Mental Health’s website.

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