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The Charleston Dorchester Mental Health Center is home to a diverse and innovative EAP center offering counseling, consultation, education and workplace productivity support for organizations, employees, and their families. We are a community-based counseling and EAP Program and not a loosely connected network of practitioners so very common in today’s nationwide EAPs.

Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that access to employee assistance services, at a local level, has a powerful positive impact on employee wellness and workplace productivity.

Charleston Dorchester Mental Health Center offers evidence-based treatment interventions and a comprehensive level of care you will not find anywhere else. The result is a rich and diverse level of services proven to empower organizations and the people who are so vital to each organization’s success.

Our EAP Components

  • A 24/7 Helpline that Can Respond Quickly
  • Our helpline consists of a local team of experienced clinicians trained in crisis stabilization, assessment, and emergency care.  Our team works closely with our counseling staff, has long-standing working relationships with resources in the community, and works to identify a plan of action for employees and their loved ones quickly and effectively.

  • Assessment & Face-to-Face Counseling
  • We offer a variety of evidence-based counseling interventions for employees and family members.  Our counseling team utilizes a diverse set of interventions depending on the unique needs of our clients.  Some of these include Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Trauma Focused CBT, Eye Movement Desensitization, and Parent Child Interaction Therapy.  Research shows that over 80% of communication comes from non-verbal cues.  We believe that online and telephonic counseling simply does not offer the kind of quality care face-to-face counseling and assessment provides.

    Services may include assessments, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and /or psychiatric physician medical care. Of course, the services provided and the number of sessions will be tailored to, and dependent upon the needs of the employee or family member being served.

  • Psychiatric Care & Consultation
  • Our EAP is one of the few to offer psychiatric care and consultation to employees and their families.  EAP counselors have access to Psychiatrists for consultation and employees/family members are able to be seen for psychiatric assessments and care as part of their overall treatment plan.

  • Wellness Programs That Change Lives
  • We offer a variety of workshops and educational programs for employees and families delivered by a team of highly experienced and credentialed clinicians. Programs include Stress Management, Parenting, Communication in the Workplace, Depression/Anxiety, Addiction and Recovery, Family and General Health.

  • Manager Support, Consultation, & Training
  • All managers and leaders receive training on how to address mental health issues in the workplace and how best to use the EAP program to help their employees. Supervisors often serve as an early warning system to insure employee problems are identified before issues become more unmanageable. This EAP will provide training to supervisors to orient them about the EAP program, sensitize them to behavioral and emotional cues that may indicate problems, and educate them about the mechanics of making effective referrals.

  • Create an EAP Program to Meet Your Unique Workplace Needs
  • You may choose different components of our EAP services. We also offer the unique “pay as you go” option for small businesses who may not be looking to pay a monthly fee but would like their employees to have access to our services as the needs arise.

  • Outcome Driven Data
  • CDMHC staff will provide standard de-identified EAP information requested by the contracted organization regarding numbers of individuals served, show rates, and other data to be agreed upon.

    Confidentiality is absolutely essential for employees to feel “safe” utilizing an EAP. Services provided under this EAP shall be confidential and requests for specific clinical information, fitness for duty determinations, individual status reports etc. shall require the written authorization of the employee or family member, unless otherwise allowed under law.

About Charleston Dorchester Mental Health

CDMHC is one of a network of seventeen behavioral health centers throughout the state operated by the South Carolina Department of Mental Health. This comprehensive mental health center provides a wide array of behavioral health services to adults, adolescents, and children, including individual, group, and family counseling and therapy. Psychiatric physician services are provided along with many non-traditional programs, such as mobile crisis, intensive community outreach, and urgent care. In addition, the center maintains close working relationships with other community behavioral heath and social service organizations.

A Nationally Recognized Firefighter Support EAP Program

We currently provide EAP services to the Charleston, SC Fire Department through a contract with the City of Charleston. This state-of-the-art program, which provides behavioral health services to firefighters and their families, has garnished national recognition and is considered an exemplary program. The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, out of the Washington, DC, area, is using this EAP as a model program for fire departments across the country. Learn more about this program HERE.

Contact Information

If you would like to discuss our EAP services and learn about the options available to you please contact David Diana at the following address.

David P. Diana, MA, LPC, NCC
Community Education Director
Charleston/Dorchester Mental Health center
2100 Charlie Hall Blvd.
Charleston, SC 29414
(843) 852-4100

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