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Employee Recognition

Charleston Dorchester Mental Health Center has an incredible team that is passionate, caring, and talented. This is one of our center’s greatest strengths.  Each year and every month we recognize the achievements and hard work of a select few from our team.  We want to thank them for all that they do!

Employee of the Month


December 2016: Sharron Morant-Garland

I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Sharron Morant -Garland for Employee of the Month  for December 2016.  Sharron has exhibited continued and unwavering professionalism, dedication, and compassion in the face of incredible adversity.  She has diligently worked to develop the Mother Emanuel Empowerment Center Team since its creation in August 2016.  With a calling towards supporting  a community impacted by immense grief, she has successfully responded to the survivors, family members of the victims, church members, and many others forever touched by the tragedy that took place on June 17, 2015.  Without hesitation, Sharron fully committed herself to her team and immersed herself in helping others to begin their healing process.   Sharron has worked weekends, evenings, and early mornings in order to meet the needs of those impacted by the Emanuel Church shooting.  She has remained strong and fully capable of effectively responding to others, at times under considerable duress.  She maintained a constant presence at the federal court house during the trial where she made herself available to anyone in need.  She successfully took over the facilitation of a weekly grief group where she fostered relationships with the family members of the victims.  In addition she assisted in developing a program to support self-care for the other professionals involved in providing support at the court house.  Sharron has attended multiple services and memorials for the victims, family members, and congregation of the Mother Emanuel Church and continues to deliver services and create activities that support those impacted by the event.  I have received several positive comments about her performance.  During my time at the court house I witnessed an ease and comfort between Sharron and the family members present which indicated a strong sense of trust and acceptance.  It is for these reasons that I proudly nominate Sharron for the Employee of the Month Award.

Amanda Custer

 November 2016:  Mary Basich

Mary has always been a star employee at CDMHC.  She’s dedicated, organized, and a very hard worker. She is a real team player; she often offers to help others and continues to try to keep us together in HR, QI, and PI (even though that’s not her job anymore).  In July of last year, she moved to HR, but never really got rid of most of her old job duties, due to a long transition time for her replacement.  Mary was a trooper and held on to most of her old job and trained her replacement – all while doing her new job in HR.  Now, once again, Mary is covering both positions as much as possible.  She has continued to help with QI reports and audits.  Mary knows that our contract data required for Links 2.0 School Based services is critical to our receiving the funding for the 9 positions and she has continued to maintain the database without even being asked. Again, though not her responsibility, she has helped organize and prepare for every parade and community event in the past six months.  Even though not part of her HR duties she continued to participate in the planning, setup and breakdown of the 2016 conference –arriving very early and staying late each day of the conference. She also continues to keep us abreast of important deadlines and has assisted with a variety of other things outside of HR – all on her own accord.  What is truly remarkable is that while Mary comes from a nonclinical background she instinctively understands what might be important to our patients and staff and notifies her managers of issues she sees in charts, EPMS’s, and various reports. She is truly a huge asset to CDMHC and we appreciate all her hard work and dedication to our staff and our patients!

Submitted by Jennifer Roberts, Stacy Cody, Jackie Gordon, Robert Letteney

October 2016:  Brittany Caddell

Brittany Caddell is an adult therapist at the Dorchester Mental Health Center. She manages a caseload of 80+ adult clients with severe and persistent mental illness. She is an LPCI working towards full licensure and acts as the court liaison between Probate Court and Dorchester Mental Health Center.

Per Judge DeMott with Probate Court “Brittany has only been in her new position as Court Liaison a few months, but she’s hit the ground running. She’s a pleasure to deal with and always shows great concern for DCMH patients. I look forward to continuing to work with her.”

Brittany is a team player and goes above and beyond her regular duties by assisting staff with intakes and has seen walk-ins when no one else is available. She has a warm and welcoming spirit and takes challenges head on with a smile. She builds rapport easily with her patients and their families. She is skilled in CBT and DBT techniques. She attends all consults, exceeds productivity expectations and always has 100% collaborative documentation. Brittany has a patient first mentality.

Brittany is always willing to learn and ask for feedback on a regular basis from her peers as well as supervisors. She attends new trainings on a regular basis to keep her practice current.

It is for these reasons that I nominate Brittany Caddell as CDMHC’s October 2016 Employee of the Month.

 Rebecca Scott LPCS

September 2016: Jackie Richburg

The Dorchester MH Clinic would like to nominate Jackie Richburg as Employee of the Month for September 2016. She has been providing services to her own caseload of ACT-like patients as well as covering the entire Dual Program caseload while this position has been vacant. Jackie has been able to manage her own caseload of high intensity patients, as well as manage the Dual patients and make sure these patients’ needs are met. In addition to providing direct services, she has stepped in to assist in getting DLA-20s and POCs completed for this caseload when they became due. Even with these additional patients and the challenges of seeing patients in the field, Jackie has maintained 100% same day documentation for September and 96% for the month of October. She has exceeded productivity requirements this fiscal year as well. She knows her patients well and works hard to keep them stable. Throughout all of the changes and added stressors, Jackie has continued to have a positive attitude and takes on each new responsibility with optimism. She is truly a team player and her contributions have been extremely beneficial to her patients, her team and the clinic as a whole.

 August 2016: Jamilah Frazier

Jamilah Frazier is nominated for Employee of the Month for her outstanding efforts in preparing and guiding the Center through the CARF survey.  Her preparation for the CARF survey began many months ago as she began the tedious process of collecting and organizing documents and policies in order to demonstrate competency for 1266 different standards.   She met with other CARF coordinators from across the state to identify areas of concern.  She carefully crafted e-mails to remind staff of the importance of confidentiality and safety issues without pointing fingers or adding to stress levels.  Jamilah’ s skillful ability to encourage people to pick up their offices was demonstrated when  she asked Bob Letteney  if there was  any way the IT offices could look “less fire- hazardy”.  She stayed late many nights as she worked to address CARF needs as well as her regular job duties.   Jamilah spent the Sunday before CARF cleaning bathrooms, picking up the lobbies, making copies of more documents, and praying the cleaning crew would come that night.   While Jamilah’s hard work was evident beforehand, she shined the most during the three days of the CARF survey.  Jamilah provided our surveyors with all needed documents (often three or four times) and answered their every need.  Jamilah demonstrated how knowledgeable she is about our Center as she competently answered questions about fire drills, clinical assessments, our use of evidence based therapy, corporate compliance, accessibility policies, our Board of Directors, Rights of Persons served, HR policies and on and on.  The CARF auditors called her a “rock star” and acknowledged her efforts personally during the exit interview.  Jamilah is very deserving of this recognition.

July 2016: David Diana

David Diana is being nominated for Employee of the Month for July due to his spectacular job planning and delivering one of the largest mental health conferences on the east coast! The conference this year again had world renowned speakers presenting on a diverse array of topics. This was the 5th year of the Lowcountry Mental Health Conference and each year it just gets bigger and better. 970 attendees participated this year at the conference held at the newly renovated Gailliard Auditorium. There were 50 exhibitors participating at the event, so many wanted to be a part of it that we actually had to turn people away. There were so many positive comments about the venue, the organization of the event, the volunteers working the events, and especially about the speakers. Many attendees told us this was the best conference they have ever been to! The conference has gone from 180 participants with a couple of exhibitors in its first year to its current 970 in attendance to include over 50 exhibitors. As this conference is the main fundraiser for CDMHC’s non-profit, Mental Health Heroes, the growth means incredible financial support to the non-profit that supports the works of the mental health center and assists patients in emergent housing, medical, or other personal needs. This conference takes a year to plan and David works tirelessly all year on the conference. Please take a moment to recognize David’s creativity and marketing and community event expertise! He’s a huge asset to our Center and to Mental Health Heroes!

June 2016: Ashley Gardner

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Ashley Gardner, LPC for the employee of the month for June 2016. Ashley began her employment with Charleston/Dorchester Mental Health Center in September 2014 at the Dorchester Clinic. Ashley consistently comes to work with a professional, positive attitude and She is a team player and asset to the clinic as evidenced by her professional, helpful attitude and dedication to her patients. Ashley is always willing to help out with walk-ins, and takes time out of her busy schedule to assist new staff in orienting to the center. She has proven to be an excellent clinician and is highly conscientious as she carries out her job duties. Ashley is a problem solver, and her solution focused attitude is observable in staff meetings and EBP consultations. Ashley readily seeks guidance in clinical matters to ensure that she is providing quality care to her clients. She possesses a keen clinical sense and brings a compassionate spirit to the treatment of each of her clients. Ashley also actively seeks out training opportunities to further her clinical skills.

She positively interfaces with community stakeholders to ensure continuity of care. Particularly, she maintains good communication with the Dorchester County Probate Court to ensure DMH fulfills the mandates of court ordered clients on her caseload. Ashley readily accepts feedback in order to improve her professional and clinical performance and I have witnessed her successful integration of feedback into her daily practice. Ashley demonstrates a high commitment to making things better for her team and the center as a whole. This commitment is evidenced by her role on the “SWAG” (Social Wellness Activities Group) here at the Dorchester Clinic. She balances her work schedule effectively so she can be an active member of the SWAG. Ashley understands the importance of supporting staff moral and maintaining a positive work environment. Ashley has the skill set to continue to be an asset to her coworkers and the clinic. She is a strong clinician and, and it has been my pleasure supervising her.

Submitted by Michell Herring

May 2016: Gwen Ferguson

Gwen Ferguson has quickly evolved from a new employee last Fall, to one of the veterans on our ACT Team. She has used her expertise to help train new staff, allowing them to shadow, patiently answering questions and volunteering to lend her experience and expertise to help the new employees learn our system of care and how we utilize best practices.

ACT Team has been short staffed since March 2016, only recently filling two vacant positions. These new staff will be inheriting a caseload with intense needs and both clinicians will need to be productive quickly.

Additionally, Region 2 has had numerous transitions in leadership positions putting additional strains on the system of care that impacts North Charleston.

Gwen eagerly took on additional duties during the short staffed Spring, and then further assisted the team and the Region by volunteering time to teach new staff, to model appropriate practice, and to alleviate some of the absence that the team had endured since last Winter.

Submitted by Thomas Walsh MSW, LISW-CP, Act Like Team 5

April 2016: Shanell Blake

Shanell has done an outstanding job in HR. She has taken on any task asked of her and done it efficiently and effectively. She has mastered SCEIS Timekeeping without much training. She has been able to assist employees with all of their leave/time issues. She has also learned how to navigate NEOGOV.com with very limited training. She has posted over 60 job postings and still manages to get the applications to the hiring managers the day after the job posting closes. She manages the onboarding process and helps usher in all of our new employees. Shanell has on boarded over 80 new hires, interns, residents, and volunteers since taking over the job duty in June 2015. Shanell has also taken on the task of learning Insurance Benefits in order to assist Jackie during the open enrollment period. She manages HR when Jackie is unavailable, handles all personnel issues and answers any questions in Jackie’s absence. Shanell is a self-starter and takes initiative to get every job done. She is a great asset to the HR Department and CDMHC, and I am very pleased with performance.

March 2016: Dr. Catherine Kouvolo

Dr. Catherine Kouvolo has been an exceptional coworker going beyond the call of duty on many different fronts. She has exhibited selflessness with being one of the volunteers to cover not one but two additional clinics of Fetter clinic and probate court with its recent vacancies. She has stepped up taking a significant leadership role when needed, organizing schedules, providing needed input on various scenarios that has arisen. She presented a well-received training to our staff on “Empowering Therapist in Their Role on the Medication Management Team.” She is meeting all the necessary criteria of collaboration and productivity to be an outstanding clinician.

February 2016: Lindsay (Fisher) Lawing

Lindsay (Fisher) Lawing started working here a little over three years ago. When she started working here, she had no nursing employment experience at all, much less psychiatric nursing experience. But, Valerie and I interviewed her twice for two different applications, and there was just something special. We have never regretted it. She surpassed her productivity in FY15, and was given a Performance Commendation in June 2015 for receiving 49%. This was after the productivity was raised from 35% to 40%. In FY16, so far, she has a surplus of 71+ service hours for the three quarters. She volunteered to fill in for the RN who resigned, at Dorchester Clinic, at times during the first quarter of FY 16, which made her productivity lower on those days, but she still managed to compensate for that. She did this until her peer on maternity leave could return and work there. Her average Collaborative Documentation is 94% for the three quarters, and recently has been 99-100%. She has done an average of 200 notes a month. She had 4 charts audited, and no paybacks. She completed her BSN in nursing, became a bride, and is now an expectant mom due this July.

Lindsay is very punctual, and hardly ever takes any time off, except for her honeymoon. She is well-liked by her peers, the clients and has a good working relationship with the doctors. She has a good sense of humor, and a ready smile, that makes others want to smile. Her nursing skills and psychiatric observation and assessment skills have continued to improve as she has learned and grown. She is extremely good with the clients. She has willingly and without being asked taken on many tasks including doing the nursing schedule, faxing the client injection schedule to the regions, helping with the Clozaril clients, doing the nursing call line. She carries an MMO caseload of 130 clients on an average, gives injections, does nursing assessments, does Mobile Crisis assessments, calls in med refills, does Crisis intervention when needed, and answers a multitude of questions. She is the lead nurse and is often in charge. She has been an excellent teacher and example for all of the nursing students who have come through here from both Trident Tech and Charleston Southern University, and is great with orienting and teaching new employees. She has represented nursing and this Mental Health Center twice at Trident Tec, and spoke to the students there about nursing, last summer and fall. And, she represented our Mental Health Center at Career Day at Stall High School in February, and Lincoln Middle High in March. She is also on the committee for the Mental Health Conference.

For all of these reasons and probably more that I have forgotten, I would like to nominate Lindsay Lawing for Employee of the Month.

Submitted by: Cheryl Myers, RNBC, Nurse Manager

January 2016: Laura Tait

Laura strives for excellence in all aspects of her job. Laura is a skilled clinician, demonstrating a commitment to ensuring her clients progress as much as possible in their recovery. Her casual demeanor with her clients makes her approachable and helps even guarded clients feel comfortable with her. She is committed to learning and growing as a clinician, frequently asking for guidance and seeking out training opportunities. She is also participating in supervision in pursuit of her LISW.

To Laura, simply meeting a standard is not success – she strives for superior performance in all measures. Her productivity through last fiscal year averaged more than 3% above her targeted rate, and this year she managed to “bank” 13 hours in the first quarter and has added to that total at an equal or higher rate in the second quarter. She is impeccably organized, getting her documentation done on the day of service at an average rate of more than 99% since the new requirements were implemented in March.

Laura was also named QI Star for November, with no clients on the 60- or 90-day not seen lists, 100% of her POCs signed by her clients, audit commendations for “great follow up” with her client and overall excellence. Laura is extremely conscientious about her documentation and has outstanding attention to detail. She uses the POC as intended, as a roadmap for treatment; as such, she regularly updates them and writes excellent Progress Summaries.
Laura is very motivated to try new things. She not only pursues excellence in all her daily tasks, she works to improve systems to make them better in the long-term. She offers a great deal of assistance to the intake team when she has cancellations or gaps in her schedule. To Laura, an hour of down-time is an opportunity lost.
For these reasons, I believe Laura should be strongly considered for Employee of the Month in January 2016.

Submitted by: David Gehr

December 2015: Yvette Williams
November 2015: Mikell Ann O’Mara
October 2015: Taryn Reed

Taryn is an exemplary employee. She consistently does an excellent job with our procurements, always willing to support and educate staff on the proper way to place orders. She keeps the procurement area running very smoothly, while doing a number of other tasks. Taryn is also our Disaster Coordinator. This past month, with the extreme weather and disasters across the state, she worked tirelessly to make sure our staff received all critical communications and updates, keeping them aware of important information, both weather related and the facility status for both the Charleston and Dorchester areas. She was in constant contact updating the senior management on the statewide status and kept us abreast of all disaster preparedness within the Charleston and Dorchester counties. She worked many late nights and weekends to accomplish this. She is an excellent employee and deserving of this award.

Submitted By: Bob Letteney, Administrator

September 2015: Dr. Teresa Rhodes

I would like to nominate Dr. Teresa Rhodes for the employee of the month for September, 2015. Teresa is school-based clinician on Team 3 at the Dorchester Clinic. She has been extremely flexible in providing treatment to client and families. Due to the growth of Summerville High School, she has faced challenges with not having a designated office. It is also not uncommon for clients to leave the school after being enrolled in online K-12 program. Teresa has done an excellent job of maintaining contact with these clients and providing continued services. Teresa is trained in several evidenced-based practices to include EMDR, TF-CBT, CBT and MI. She readily contributes her knowledge with peers in team meetings and consultation groups. Teresa is also a BEST trainer and provides trainings for staff throughout the year. Teresa is very conscientious of following QI standards to ensure the provision of quality services. Teresa maintains a positive attitude, and I feel that she is highly deserving of this recognition.

Michell R. Herring, PhD, LMSW

August 2015: Cindy Cato

I am nominating Ms. Cindy Cato for the Employee of the Month award for August 2015. Cindy Cato has been employed with this center since 1997 as an Administrative Assistant. She has held this position in various parts of the center dating back to the Port City Center, the Rittenburg Clinic and now in the West Ashley Clinic. Nominating Cindy for this award is long overdue. In all the places she has worked, Cindy has been the person that makes sure everyone has all the essential tools needed to perform their day to day functions. (i.e.; keys for the building, their desk, Mailbox, room assignments for groups, meeting, ordering supplies, and most of all assigning workable car to conduct home visits and for traveling to other areas of the state.) To make this even more interesting, she supervises 9 administrative staff members both south and north lobbies and medical records. She has cross trained the majority of her staff to insure that they are knowledgeable of all the direct day to day operations of this center to direct client, guest, venders, Doctors, Pharmaceutical Representatives to their appropriate destinations with the excellent customer service.

Cindy is always willing to help the managers with reports, distribution of statistical information for the center and with confidential assignments upon request. She is also asked often to assist with special functions where decorations are required. “The lady has skill, and the eye to turn a room in a special place for any type function” It is with pleasure to supervise Cindy and nominate her for this very deserving award to show appreciation for all the things she does to allow this building and staff to function smoothly to meet their productivity requirements.

Joyce Brown, Service Program Coordinator

July 2015: Tony Derhovanesian

Tony, has been working tirelessly to continue to provide solid support to the center. He has done some excellent things over the past month. He has, completed the wireless upgrade which now makes collaborative documentation even easier, worked with Mobile Crisis identifying printing and scanning equipment they can use in thefield instead of looking for afax. Fixed the mobile crisis caller ID issue, worked with School based leadership tofind an answer to their scanner issue all of this while continuing to keep the IT department running efficiently and effectively. Tony is always willing to look for a solution to any issue and is singularly
focused on customer service. He is an excellent employee and I think he deserves this honor.

Submitted by: Bob Letteney, Center Administrator/ IT Director

June 2015: Jacquelyn Richburg

Jacquelyn Richburg is being selected for employee of the month because she goes above and beyond the call of duty in supporting patients towards recovery. Ms. Richburg has proven to be efficient and flexible in providing treatment services to Act-Like and DUAL patients. Ms. Richburg assumed the responsibilities in April 2015 of providing services for the DUAL patients in the absence of her colleague. She has done an outstanding job in managing the DUAL patients in conjunction with the ACT-Like patients. She has positive interactions with outside agencies in collaborating treatment and modifying services as needed. She has proven to be an effective leader in daily rounds in the absence of the supervisor. She is skilled in supporting patients and families as they work through crisis. I have observed her interacting with families where she displayed a level of comfort and understanding towards the patient’s mental illness. She displays cultural sensitivity in the development of treatment services for clients and their families. She spends a great percentage of her time daily providing services to patients in the community. However she has been successful in meeting the 85% expectation of same day collaborative documentation. Jacquelyn Richburg is deserving of the Employee of the Month award.

Rochelle Hampleton, MA, CPM

May 2015: Barbara Gilchrist

Barbara Gilchrist transferred to WACfrom the Finance Department. She adapted quickly and with ease to the clinical side of the Center. She handles her duties with competence and is willing to assist clients and staff

The switchboard is a very hectic and demanding area. It requires immediate attention and professionalism. Barbara displays these qualities. She is pleasant, patient and professional when dealing with difficult clients on the telephone and face-to-face. She is always calm and tries to accommodate staff and clients. She is flexible and accepts job assignments readily. She’s an outstanding team player and will assist her team members when needed. Not only has she adapted to the switchboard, she also covers the Admission & Discharge Windows with the same calm and helpful attitude. She has trained temporary and full time employees with patience and understanding.

Barbara meticulously completes her work without pomp and circumstance. I am fortunate to have Barbara as part of my team. She is an asset to WAC and the Center.

Submitted by Cindy Cato, Administrative Coordinator I West Ashley Clinic

April 2015: Dr. A. J. Manett

Supported by the comments of others that work directly with Dr. Manett, he does a wonderful job with the clients and is considered to be available and user friendly to most clinicians and typically the feedback is positive. He is the “go to” doctor for many things, especially issues related to addictions, because he is approachable and willing. There have been no formal complaints, no email complaints, or any negative feedback provided throughout the year regarding Dr. Manett.

Dr. Manett has done well with his FIN productivity statistics, meeting productivity expectations overall. His productivity expectation was consistently met for this fiscal year except for a few months and in addition, his documentation was completed within 0-1 days almost 100% ofthe time. In January 2015, he was acknowledged for his same day documentation and was also nominated for January’s All Star Award. In September 2014, Dr. Manett received “collaborative documentation kudos.” His peer review chart audits have consistently been good meeting all standards of good chart documentation and care. Dr. Manett has been significantly involved with education, supervising both residents and medical students.

In August 2014, Dr. Manett gave a presentation to law enforcement negotiators from local agencies which was well received. He also had a national speaking engagement in December 2014 at the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry’s 25th Annual Meeting and Symposium. The talk was a case conference and discussion about treating patients with cocaine use disorder. In April, he spoke to MUSC medical students from the Public Health Interest Group and the Student Psychiatric Interest Group about working in public mental health, the SCDMH system, and substance abuse treatment program.

Dr. Manett was essential in helping out other communities in need with his tele-psychiatry support. He provided care for Sumter while several of their clinicians were out, helping with access and providing care in a timely fashion. He also was flexible and filled in for several months with the Public Safety Team while the predominant prescriber was out on maternity leave.

Dr. Manett has established himself as one of our top psychiatrists. His involvement with clinical care and education is exceptional. He has even become involved with the Staff Advisory Board, supporting his dedication to his patients. He is well respected by those that work with him and we are very fortunate to have him in our agency as a provider who truly exemplifies Employee of the Month!

Submitted by Dr. Elliott Levy

March 2015: Rosena Georges-Scott

I would like to nominate Rosena Georges-Scott RN for employee of the month. Rosena works with the Dorchester Med Clinic and very closely with the Dual and ACT team of Dorchester. She provides nursing support and injections in the very rural areas of Dorchester County, spending several of her days in the field every week. She is like the post office ‘in rain or sleet or snow or hail’ Rosena will be out in the weather to track down her clients. Her nursing expertise is invaluable in the rounds and treatment planning for the outreach team.

In the clinic, she manages a caseload of 40 MMO clients and provides medication monitoring, administers injections, and provides education and teaching to clients as needed as well as the accountability for medications from PAP.

Rosena goes above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis and is conscientious about ensuring the needs of clients are met. She serves our clients with the upmost respect and she is very knowledgeable about the struggles many of her clients and their families encounter and she works to alleviate those she can impact upon.

Rosena consistently meets her direct service time requirements and maintains accurate and timely documentation. She works a flex schedule but she is always flexible to change that schedule to cover clinic needs and help her fellow nurse. Her peers say she is honest, caring, giving and a team player!

Submitted by Valerie O’Neal

February 2015: Jacqueline Kinard Gordon

I am nominating Jacqueline Kinard Gordon for February Employee of the Month. Jackie is an excellent employee. She has developed a strong, highly functional HR team that does an excellent job supporting the employees at CDMHC. Jackie is always available to support and guide everyone that that comes to her for help. She has created a welcoming environment in the HR department for both staff and new employees. Jackie has a solid understanding of all DMH HR policies and uses that knowledge to educate and support our managerial staff. She takes on every task willingly and cheerfully. She is a dedicated employee and an great asset to CDMHC.

Submitted by Robert Letteney

January 2015: Mari Bolden

Mari consistently exceeds her productivity expectations. She has received Performance Commendations for demonstrating a “client first” mentality for five out of the last six months and her overall average productivity percentage this fiscal year is 58%.

Mari serves her clients at Sanders-Clyde Elementary School very well and she provides impressive case management. At last count, 99% of her developed Plans of Care were signed by the clients’ parents. When asked by the OA department to follow new directives for pac development, she moves ahead promptly to incorporate them. She demonstrates a great deal of care for her clients and their families and this is evidenced by her documentation and the positive regard that her school’s administrator and other personnel hold for her.

Mari’s input and feedback are often solicited by school personnel. She has been asked to be a part of school staffings for students that are other than her assigned clients and she has agreed to participate. On recent evening, she assisted with a school report to DSSfor a child who reported being sexually abused by a family member, and stayed at the school until past 8:30pm. The student was not, at the time, a client. Since then, the client was admitted to our center caseload.

Mari joined the school PTA and attends PTA meetings. School officials have requested that she become a member of the Employee Wellness Committee – of which she is the only non-schoo I-staff member. She has made presentations about mental health services at Open Houses, church community meetings, as well as, sorority and fraternity meetings, many of which have inspired people to come for services and resulted in intakes at the CDCMHC. She was awarded the ‘Woman Works’ commendation from Bethany Baptist Church (where she presented on mental health services) during the Woman’s Conference in 2014.

As a team player, few can compare. It is common for me to be copied on emails that she sends to her colleagues, recognizing their strengths, thanking them for their efforts and affirming their professional qualities. When she comes into the clinic, she greets peers with a warm smile and a hug. She brings joy to the faces of her co-workers.

Mari’s peers, co-workers and supervisors hold her in high esteem. She has received several commendations from 01, the psychiatrist that works with her clients, and the director of our Education and Training Program. She has been presented with Certificates of Excellence from this supervisor for timely completion of tasks assigned and for her efforts in securing CDCMHC’s relationship with her school and enhancing our agency’s reputation. She helps to mediate challenging relationships between some of her clients’ parents and the school administrators and she expresses that she experiences a profound sense of commitment and fulfillment in her role as a school based therapist.

Written by Supervisor, Debra Dinolfo

December 2014: Rebecca Hackett
November 2014: Amanda Custer

I would like to nominate Amanda Custer for Employee of the Month. Amanda quietly works hard every day with the Public Safety Behavioral Health Team. She is trained in several evidence-based practices, and she tailors her treatment to specifically meet the needs of each individual. She is diligent about meeting the QI requirements, implementing collaborative documentation and completing all of her Progress Summaries and POCs in a timely manner. With each new change in the system, Amanda participates actively in the team discussions and then helps to successfully implement the change. On top of all of this, she has also played an integral part in helping to establish and maintain the relationships the center has with community first responder partners. She is definitely an asset to the Public Safety team and CDMHC as a whole.

Submitted by Melissa Camp

October 2014: Bob Letteney
September 2014: Lisa Polin
August 2014: Cindy Wells
July 2014: Stacy Cody
June 2014: Stephanie Gaetano
May 2014: Alicia Martina-Crawford

I would like to nominate Alicia Martino-Crawford as the Charleston Dorchester Mental Health Center (CDMHC) Employee of the Month for May 2014. Alicia has been with CDMHC since 2003. During that time she has provided therapeutic services to a varied population in several different programs. Ms. Martino-Crawford is an extremely dedicated and focused individual who has proven to seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing demands of her position. Alicia manages a caseload of clients in three different treatment programs: Youth in Transition (YIT), Adult Case Management (adult therapy team) and Level II (Therapeutic Supportive Services). She has proven to be a team player and asset to the clinic as evidenced by her professional, helpful attitude and dedication to her clients. She is eager to change and evolve for the good of the clinic, and stepped up to pilot the Level II Therapeutic Supportive Services program at the Dorchester County Mental Health Clinic.
In addition to being an efficient and dedicated therapist, Ms. Martino-Crawford is also a key member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. – Sigma Upsilon Omega, Summerville Chapter. Alicia’s sorority has donated toys to children on the Dorchester Mental Health Clinic Angel Tree for the last three years, and for the past two years they have donated winter hats, gloves and personal care items to the adult clients in need at CDMHC. Ms. Martino Crawford and her Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority sisters sponsor several local health fairs during the year (the most recent AKA health fair was on May 10th). Alicia utilizes her time at the AKA sponsored health fairs to increase community awareness of mental health disorders and inform the public of the many treatment services offered at CDMHC. Alicia is true philanthropist, and her positive attitude permeates through the hallways of the Dorchester County Mental Health clinic on a daily basis. It is with great pride I nominate Alicia Martino-Crawford as the May 2014 Employee of the Month.

Brian Musolf

April 2014: Tasha Pittman

Tasha Pittman is deserving of the recognition of Employee of the Month. Tasha has been consistently doing excellent work in her role as a school based clinician in St. George. She is currently above her productivity expectation for the year. She is always conscientious in the work that she does for her clients and their families. Tasha has never had late documentation and consistently completes POCs and progress summaries ahead of their due dates. She has recently received positive feedback from her school’s personnel and District 4 personnel on her ability to maintain positive relationships with school personnel and maintain good communication with the schools and other agencies. In addition to her consistently solid work at Woodland High School and Odyssey Alternative School, she has pitched in to help cover a caseload for a therapist that left the agency recently. She worked hard to provide quality services to these clients and their families, as well as forge positive relationships at that Elementary school. She has also helped with the selection of a new candidate to fill that position. During this process, Tasha was able to show her intelligence, knowledge of Mental Health and professionalism. I know that her team appreciates her hard work and dedication and especially her positive attitude.

March 2014: Whitney Reafler

I’d like to nominate Whitney Reafler for employee of the month for March. Whitney is always a superstar worker, who works tirelessly on productivity, tracking school based numbers, writing and running reports, sending out EPMS packages to managers each month, managing the volunteers, performing her various QI tasks… and the list goes on. Since the productivity tracking change this year, Whitney has met with almost every team in the Center (some more than once) trying to explain the new process and help ease the uncertainty around the new look of the numbers. Whitney has met one on one with most managers and many, many, many staff to explain their information to them and help staff understand how they are doing for the year. In many cases, Whitney offered her extra time to do this; she wasn’t even asked. Whitney also has created numerous reports at staff/manager request this year to make our Center more efficient and to help staff accurately track information they need to be successful in their jobs. Whitney is a wonderful teacher; she is patient, thorough, and understanding of what a hard job it is to be a clinician here (because she was one) and does whatever she can to make everyone’s lives easier. She offers to help and suggests solutions when she sees a need out there. She’s really an asset to our Center and DMH, because her work makes our Center more efficient and effective, and she always does this with a smile!

Jennifer Roberts

February 2014: Karen Oliver

Karen Oliver is a Team Leader of Region 2 is being nominated as February 2014 Employee of the Month. She is an incredibly dedicated and driven professional. These assets, along with stellar time management and organizational skills, make her successful in her work. Karen has a good rapport with staff. She is a team player and always seeks ways to assist other team members. One of her many attributes is her ability to assist others in advancing their knowledge and expertise. Karen works diligently to provide staff with the tools necessary to complete their job duties. Region 2 has been faced with many challenges regarding employee staffing recently. Without being asked,Karen has stepped up to assist with new staff, and the training of a new team leader. It is not unusual to find her going beyond the call of duty. It is no surprise that the center benefits from Karen’s longstanding relationships with representatives from Charleston County Schools, Residential Care Facilities and the Department of Social Services; to name a few. She actively works to coordinate treatment services between other agencies, and ensures that appropriate and quality interventions occur.

Sonya Jenkins

January 2014: Dale Marko, MD

Dr. Marko has been a steady positive force for the Charleston Dorchester Mental Health Center. He has worked both in the Charleston and Dorchester Clinics, specifically with the fire team, the intake team and has been a “go to” for many other clinics. He has been described as “one of, if not the most, accommodating MDs that we have. He is a strong team player and is willing to provide emergent services as needed and consistently sees the big picture in providing services.” He assists with writing prescriptions, seeing clients as needed when availability permits, and has always been perceived as very approachable, very knowledgeable, and always going the extra mile for our clients. He is seen as a mentor and works well with many different types of clients. He has had no problem meeting productivity, gets his tickets and notes done in a timely fashion, and always has a good attitude. We are fortunate to have him as a part of our mental health family and I enthusiastically nominate him as employee of the month.

Dr. Elliott Levy, Medical Director

– 2013 Employees of the Month

– 2012 Employees of the Month

– 2011 Employees of the Month

All Stars:

December 2016

Jim Zukaukas

November 2016

Amanda Custer

October 2016

Laqunia Grant

September 2016

Beverly Mellix

August 2016

Colleen Frey

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Carolyn Snook

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Bob Coskrey

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March 2015

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February 2015

Benzenia Singleton-Pinckney

January 2015

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Cathy Joyner

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Isabell Gordon

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Tasha Pittman

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Joyce Ewell

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Michelle Herring

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Sharron Morant-Garland

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Bill Cramer

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David Gehr

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Marisa Osterman

May 2012

DeLynn Bates

April 2012

Rebecca Scott

March 2012

Benzenia Pinckney: Benzenia is an outstanding employee and therapist. She manages a caseload of 50 clients from first through twelfth grade at three different paying schools in rural Hollywood, Ravenel and Edisto Island. Since we started tracking late tickets in July 2010, she has NEVER has a single late ticket! She has also met or exceeded her productivity expectation every single month since September 2009. There has not been a parent or principal complain about Benzenia.

February 2012

Patty Chrysostom

January 2012

Debra Parks

– 2011 All Stars

2015 SC-DMH Employee of the Year!

Taryn Reed

Congratulations to Taryn ReedThe CDMHC 2015 Employee of the Year & the recipient of The Second Annual Kirby Bond Distinguished Service Award!

Taryn has been an incredible member of the CDMHC staff for many years and was recently promoted to Chief Financial Officer. CDMHC is fortunate to have her!

The 2014 CDMHC Employee of the Year: Stacy Cody

The 2013 CDMHC Employee of the Year: Monica Hugee

The 2012 CDMHC Employee of the Year: Michelle Scott

The 2011 CDMHC Employee of the Year: Esther Hennesse

The 2010 CDMHC Employee of the Year: Jamilah Frazier


Catherine Womble Receives Project BEST Clinical Excellence Award

image003 (1)Catherine Womble, a School Based Mental Health Counselor with Charleston-Dorchester Mental Health was recognized for her exceptional clinical service delivery. Her nomination highlighted that Catherine had also received a commendation from QA staff indicating that she had the best documentation of this EBP model that they had ever seen on their reviews! She is an outstanding employee who exemplifies CDMHC’s goal of providing the highest quality of care. She has recently moved to our QI team, and we know she will be able to spread her knowledge, experience, and quality driven work ethic far and wide as a part of our QI team.

2012 NAMI South Carolina: Lifetime Achievement Award

Horst “Jim” Mueller

Learn more about Jim and his achievements HERE.

2012 NAMI South Carolina: Recovery Member of the Year

Mary Ann Gallagher

Learn more about Mary Ann and her achievements HERE.

2012 NAMI South Carolina: Mental Health Professional of the Year

Elliott E. Levy, MD

Learn more about Dr. Levy and his achievements HERE.

2012 NAMI South Carolina: Mental Health Professional of the Year

Sheila L. Mills, MPH, CPM

Learn more about Sheila and her achievements HERE.

Hassenplug Award for Outstanding DMH Clinician

Tamara Starnes

“It is a very rare occurrence when a mental health center staff person can affect the lives of folks with mental illness across the entire state of South Carolina and for years well beyond that staff person’s years of employment.  However, Tamara Starnes, an employee of the Charleston Dorchester Mental Health Center (CDMHC) has done just that very thing!” – CDMHC Executive Director, Deborah Blalock

Learn more about why Tamara was awarded this prestigious state honor by clicking HERE.

Annual Quality Improvement Stars (FY 2011)

 Carrie Franko and Sherie Corbett

“Both Carrie and Sherie had consistently high overall quality and POC percentage scores over 9 quarter audits.  Sherie had one of the highest total number of billable hours for FamTx and used a wide array of services while Carrie had one of the highest number of direct service hours over a 6 month period.  Thanks for great work and congratulations to you both!”

Carrie Franko


Sherie Corbett

Supervisor of Excellence & Project BEST Champion Award Winner

Cathy Joyner

Cathy has worked for the Charleston Dorchester Mental Health Center (CDMHC) for 20 years, mostly working with, and on behalf of, children and families with trauma.  She is an incredible member of our team who was recently awarded the Supervisor of Excellence and Project BEST Champion Awards.  Project BEST is a state-wide collaborative effort focusing on using innovative community-based training and implementation methods to dramatically increase evidence-based treatments for abused and traumatized children.  Learn more about why Cathy was awarded these prestigious honors by clicking HERE.

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