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Vocational Services

About Our Vocational Program

The Charleston/Dorchester Mental Health Center adopted the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Model in 2002. IPS is an evidence-based practice that helps people with severe and persistent mental illness identify, acquire and maintain competitive employment in their communities. We work in collaboration with South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation to offer a multidisciplinary team approach to employment. There are seven core principles that make the evidence-based model different from other vocational programs:

  1. Zero Exclusion Policy
  2. Consumer Preferences are Important
  3. Rapid Job Search
  4. A Competitive Job is the Goal
  5. Employment is integrated with Mental Health Services
  6. Time-Unlimited Support
  7. Personalized Benefits Planning
Family Advocacy

IPS Supported Employment is being strengthened by having ongoing discussions with NAMI representatives and family members. We recognize that family members offer support and want to establish a partnership to educate and increase their knowledge in the recovery process.

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Our Partners

Dartmouth IPS Supported Employment Center


South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department (SCVRD)


Vocational Staff Contact #843-852-4100

Joyce Brown
Vocational Coordinator

Janice McKinney
Project Developer

Barbara Erby
Employment Specialist (IPS)

Marion Lawton
Employment Specialist (IPS)

Betsy Diffenderfer
SCVRD Employment Specialist

Nancy Elmore
Employment Specialist

Lloyd J. Hale II
Peer Support Specialist

Queen Anderson
Benefit Specialist



2003 Performance Improvement Team Recognition and Award (Third Place) $250.00

2005 Certificate of Recognition from Johnson and Johnson / Dartmouth for Implementation   and practice in evidence based Supported Employment

2008 Achievement award from Johnson and Johnson/Dartmouth to IPS team Charleston MH team and SCVRD   partners (10,000.00)

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